Jupiter Winters

User Behaviour & Experience Designer



Jupiter Winters specializes in creating a range of interactive media including interface design and motion graphic videos, but his passion lies in creating enriching user experiences.

He received a formal education in Web Design and Interactive Media at Humber College which allowed him to hone his skills and grow as a designer. By paying attention to the smallest details and constantly striving for the best, good enough is never good enough.


Humber College School Of Information Technology

Web Design & Interactive Media - Advanced Diploma



  • Monarch

    Role • User Experience Designer / Developer

    An app that allows cyclists to put in their destination and triggers the device to signal the directions right as they cruise through the streets of Toronto.

    learn more about monarch >
  • Pencil

    Role • Interface Designer

    A concept website for a fictional website called Pencil. The black and white themed site includes product info page and an online ordering system.

    learn more about pencil >
  • TempLux

    Role • User Experience Designer

    A concept for a tool to help photographers to control developing photos in a dark room by measuring the temperature and the luminosity.

    learn more about pixel city >


  • Apple Music Concept

    Role • User Experience Designer / Animator

    A concept for Apple Music featuring a new streamlined user interface, notifications and linked accounts. Rediscover Music, Rediscover Music.

    Watch Apple Music Concept >
  • Tomorrow Never Knows

    Role • Animator / Graphic Designer

    A kinetic typography video inspired by the Beatles song ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’. Watch as lyrics morph on stage in an acid induced psychedelic state.

    Watch tomorrow never knows >
  • Game Boy Prime

    Role • User Behaviour / Experience Designer

    A concept video for a fictional recreation of the Nintendo Game Boy with a touchscreen interface. The Game Boy Prime is your childhood re-imagined.

    watch Game Boy Prime >



  • New Venture Seed Fund


    A Humber College sponsored award where the recipient of the New Venture Seed Fund received a ten thousand dollar grant to create a start-up.

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  • WWDC 2015 Scholarship

    "Jupit3r App"

    WWDC Scholarships reward talented student developers with the chance to attend the conference. Students selected received a ticket to WWDC 2015.

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  • Christina Truong

    Hacker U Mentor

    An instructor of web design and development at Hacker U, Christina is also a mentor at Ladies Learning Code and speaks at various tech conferences.

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  • Adam Leon

    Owner of Transmitter Studios Inc.

    An industry leader who focuses on user-centered design, Adam incorporates clean design and usability in multiple facets of digital media.

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  • George Paravantas

    Humber College Program Co-Ordinator

    Program Co-Ordinator of the Multimedia Design and Development program at Humber College and instructor of Motion Graphics and After Effects.

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  • Arduino Sensor Tutorial

    A tutorial demonstrating how to set up a temperature (in celsius) and Luminosity (in lux)sensor using the Arduino Uno and the programming language. The user will create an entire circuit.

    get the arduino Sensor Tutorial >
  • Web & Design Icons

    An icon set for the Adobe Creative suite applications as well as a separate icon set for several web languages. All the icons are in a png format for use in websites, applications, and print.

    get the web & design icons >
  • Pixel City Wallpaper

    A desktop wallpaper featuring the iconic Toronto Landscape in pixel form. The wallpaper's dimensions are 1280 x 800 and is designed to work with computers that have Retina Displays

    get the pixel city wallpaper >


  • PokeBurst

    A fun and simple JavaScript based game with a Pokémon theme. Based on the simple 'Bejeweled' styled game platform, users match three tokens in a row to gain a point.

    Play PokéBurst Now >

    If you have an interesting idea for a game or a fun interactive challenge, submit it to Jupiter.

    ... Dare You =P

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